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1970 MG BGT (SOLD) For Sale

For sale is my 1970s MGB GT, chrome bumper model with overdrive in teal blue.
I have owned her over the last year and a half but she was intended as a keeper and so was worked on as such, but sadly she needs to be sold to help fund my first house.

My father and I were preparing this MG for a Historic Rally before corona hit so it has been fitted with a battery isolator, fire extinguisher, harnesses and a Brants international rally meter. The car is now very reliable. This is a also very solid car that was party restored around 6 years ago which is when the sills and other main chassis parts were replaced professionally. The underside is therefore very strong and rust free. This car comes with extensive history including most of the receipts for all parts and work conducted over the years. The extras on this car include:

Stainless steel exhaust- ‘full tours stainless steel easy breathing exhaust’ from Moss.
Drilled and grooved discs at the front
Brants international rally 2 trip meter
Wooden Moto lita steering wheel
Alloy rocker cover
MGB K&N air filters
shortened and threaded gear stick
Fire extinguisher
Rear heated windscreen (but only 1 element seems to function)
Aluminium bonnet
Gas bonnet struts
stainless steel wheel nuts with MG monikers
Minator wheels from MG Owners Club
Copper brake pipes
Stainless braided fuel lines
Stainless carb heat shield
Polished brass radiator top
Electric radiator fan
Bolt sized rear numberplate lights
Sound insulation: underbonnet, firewall and on rear seats.
Rear spax shocks and fitting points for front spax
Halogen headlights
Sunroof (that does not leak)
The car has been serviced my us as follows July 10th 2019 Engine oil change Halfords 20/50, July 12th 2019 Coolant change Incl. bluecol antifreeze, July 12th new spark plugs and contact breakers/condenser, August 23rd 2019. Gearbox oil change Redline MT-90 75W90 GL-4 classic Gear Oil, August 23rd 2019. Differential oil change EP9O AXLE DIFF OIL from mgb hive. New battery Halfords Bosch.
and finally all the tyres are in excellent condition.

The engine has been replaced at some point in the past but I cannot accurately determine when. The replacement engine is from 1972 and is an 18V582F H13322 (H =high compression) with big inlet valve head. It’s a 5 main bearing engine with alternator, negative earth and 4 synchromesh manual gearbox The mileage recorded is 27,575. The MOTs indicate a milage of at least. but this obviously does not reflect the mileage of the replacement engine. The engine is sweet running without any issues. . A compression test was carried out ?on 30 dec? 2019- no 1 cylinder =145psi no 2 cylinder =140psi, no 3 cylinder = 150psi and no 4 cylinder =150psi
All front bushes replaced with poly bushes.
In 2018 she was taken to a rolling road and the test results are as follows: 88.4 hp at flywheel and 70.3 hp at wheels.

Its not perfect. There are a couple of bits that need work. The body panels are all sound and rear quarters and wings were replaced professionally as part of the renovation. The bodywork is 50 years old and as such there are some areas of surface rust that have not yet been attended too. Specifically on the near side rear quarter and the lower area on the drivers door and some other areas. I have touched up areas of paint with colour matched paint from the owners club. Taking it back to bear metal and a full professional respray was intended but i have a house purchase in mind and a half share in a 1986 Porsche 944 (which is also kitted our for classic road rallying). I would imagine that’s it’s true for most 50 year old cars out there that they would need a professional respray. Other than that there is a small tear in drivers seat, the cable for the heater fan direction needs replacing (included) and finally there is a minor noise from the gearbox (which you may not notice) which I have been told is from the “spigot bearing” and that it isn’t of real concern as the box can go on indefinitely like this.

The car comes with a few spares including an electric power steering column, ( from an MGF, including the electronic control box and other bits to make it all work so just needs fitting. overriders (That were removed) electronic distributer (Has been fitted and works perfectly), and centre console (I prefer the look without).  Overall I hope to have covered all the points I can think of but ask any questions if I’ve missed anything.
I’ve put some videos on you tube.
Please note I will only sell to UK residents

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