2005 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9tdi 6Y PD130 For Sale

•170k miles (slight rise as still a daily, please dont let this put you off, the list below might help with any worries)<br /> <br /> •Purchased the fabia in Jan 2020, was meant to be a quick fix up & sell on, but it’s turned into a decent daily for the whole year, couldn’t bring myself to sell it, but im not looking for something else to do this all again with.<br /> <br /> •This car is ready for power if someone wanted to have a go, instead of throwing power into it & blowing it up, I’ve spent the year fixing it as OEM as possible, as previous owners had passed it on, so I’ve slowly fixed pretty much everything.<br /> <br /> •Mapped & still running 50-60MPG at 170-180BHP hence why I’ve had it so long to run to work & back. Absolutely brilliant daily.<br /> <br /> •Receipts for nearly everything, but in my ownership it’s had: All BRAND NEW<br /> <br /> Cambelt<br /> <br /> Waterpump<br /> <br /> Camshaft Full Kit<br /> <br /> Lobes & Shells<br /> <br /> Injectors & Seals<br /> <br /> Rocker Gasket<br /> <br /> Crank seal & housing<br /> <br /> 3 Piece Clutch - LUK<br /> <br /> Dual mass flywheel - SACHS<br /> <br /> Clean gearbox on roughly 100k~ no noises etc with Fresh Titan Fuchs transmission fluid<br /> <br /> Front top mounts<br /> <br /> Brand new Vogtland lowering springs all round from my work, about 1K miles ago<br /> <br /> Both front CV joints<br /> <br /> Rust free tailgate with new tints<br /> <br /> TT Comp wheels - graphite grey<br /> <br /> Custom powerflow exhaust<br /> <br /> Fuel temp sensor/sender <br /> <br /> Fuel filter<br /> <br /> Multiple Oil & oil filter changes<br /> <br /> Glow plug relay & all 4 glow plugs<br /> <br /> New Bigger 720CCA Battery 31/12/2020 (4 years warranty)<br /> <br /> Sytec non return valve on fuel line <br /> <br /> New tandem/vac pump on side of engine<br /> <br /> Double din headunit (USB, AUX & Bluetooth)<br /> <br /> Piepercross Air filter <br /> <br /> PD Parts UK ECU with remap, egr delete mapped out, popcorn limiter - been on for a week, but comes with standard ECU if you wanted to change it over.<br /> <br /> EGR delete <br /> <br /> Charcoal cabin filter<br /> <br /> Usual bits like new wipers, bulbs etc<br /> <br /> Nankang AS2’s second week of jan all round<br /> <br /> Coolant temp sensor <br /> <br /> MOT until 22 November 2021<br /> <br /> Had to have MOT whilst it was having work done, as from the list above, springs have been replaced for the Vogtlands, headlight lenses have been sanded, polished & restored, oil leak was due to crank seal housing & rocker Gasket which were done the week after, tyres done, might do the bush, but I’ll see how the time goes, brakes haven’t been played with, but stop really well still and no fading, might be up to new owner on that front. Exhaust is pretty much straight through, not a lot to be done with that one, but not modified scene noisy.<br /> <br /> So I also run a detailing company, the Fabia has recieved, full 2 stage machine polish & sealant ( car was almost pink when I bought it) all seats removed, carpets & all seat cleaned and wet vac’d along with all the other bits of detailing that come with it.<br /> <br /> Interior is ok, not great, terrible idea from the factory colour wise, but haven’t found any seats I liked/in price range to change them with, so rips on the fronts, backs are super clean. But as far as cleanliness goes it’s the best it can be.<br /> <br /> Bodywork has its ‘age related marks’ bit rough, could do with a tidy up, but I’m so invested in this mechanically there’s nothing left for the exterior, again, there’s a decent runner here for someone to have a nice go at.<br /> <br /> But as far as paint goes, looks really nice now, loads of scratches & swirls removed, beads really nice & is sealed well. <br /> <br /> First start of the day is a bit Smokey, but once this is done it’s absolutely fine, I’ve looked into this extensively, but a lot of people have just never fixed it & not had an issue, I could throw the parts cannon at it but, I’ve already done that!<br /> <br /> This is already a massive read so if you made it this far, I'd like to think you’re keen, drop me a message if you’d like! I’m open to offers & possible swaps either way under price or cash your way, see what pops up. <br /> <br /> Might be bits I’ve missed, but I’ve been as honest as possible, it’s not a show queen by any stretch, but she’s a nice starter for someone to have a go that is unbelievably mechanically sound. Any questions please feel free to message me anytime & I’ll reply when I can! It’s sold as seen but with the work it’s had done im looking for what i feel is a fair price,£2599 ONO / Swap price drop to £2350 Car & Classic only.
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