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Ad Type For Sale
Category Memorabilia etc
Make Studebaker
Year 0000
Country United Kingdom
Region Dorset
Status Trade
Ref C1321628
550 studebaker wing mounted chrome side light assembly for golden hawke
551 studebakert golden hawke packard workshop manual
552 studebaker chassis and parts catalogue
553 studebaker buyers guide book by richard langworth
554 studebaker hawks and larks 56 to 63 road test and data book by brooklands
555 studebaker 100 anniversary original celebration booklet 1852 to 1952
556 studebaker operation and care book by studebaker
557 studebaker workshop manual 1956
558 studebaker and packard body parts catalogue 53 to 58
558a studebaker lark daytona saloon conv and estate 1962 sales brochure
558b studebake packard original 8 page 1950s advertisement leaflet
558c studebaker packard orginal wheel trims in perfect cond x4 1950s
558d studebaker chrome badges x 2 1950s
559e studebaker silver hawke chrome badges x 2 1950s
558f studebaker chrome ashtray complete 1950s
558g studebaker chrome ashtray front only 1950s
558h studebaker wing mirror chrome 1950s
558i studebaker chrome headlight surrounds x 3 1950s
558j studebaker couresty door switch 1950s
558k studebaker carter climte control valve boxed new the details belows
558L studebaker chrome rear tail light support 1950s
558mstudebaker rear light lenses red x 3 1950s
558n studebaker rear tail light complete 1957
558o studebaker alloy door handle 1957
558p studebaker wheel bearing set complete with seals boxed new
558q studebaker brake master cylinder with rubbers and pipes mc2796 new boxed
558r studebaker 8 spark plugs AC45LS new boxed 1950s
558s studebaker oil pressure senders x 2 new wrapped 1950s
558t studebaker chrome rear window corners new 1950s
558u studebaker exhaust pipe flange gasket gskthe details below boxed new 1950s
558v studebaker condenser 661926 boxed new
558w studebaker condenser delco remy dthe details below boxed new 1950s
558x studebaker set of points new in box the details belows
558y studebaker rotor arm RTR012 boxed new 1950s
558z studebaker transmission seals boxed new 1950s
Stu1 studebaker carb dash pot assembly the details below boxed new
Stu2 studebaker oil pressure gauge 312100 boxed new 1950s
Stu3 studebaker fan belt boxed new 1950s
Stu4 studebaker petrol lift pump new 1950s
Stu5 studebaker set of core plugs new in packet the details belows
Stu6 studebaker themostat stamco 20h boxed new 1950s
Stu7 studebaker thermostat thmoo2 boxed new
Stu8 studebaker dashboard light dimmer switch 1959-64 boxed new
Stu9 studebaker silver hawk centre wheel caps ? 1957-1958
Stu10 studebaker boot lock and keys new in packet 1950s
Stu11 studebaker set of door locks with keys new in packet 1950s
Stu12 studebaker interior light boxed new 1950s
Stu13 studebaker bonnet to fender rubbers new 1950s
Stu14 studebaker bulb and screws new in packet
Stu15 studebaker 4 barrel carb gasket set new in packet 1950s
Stu16 studebaker manifold intake gasket set x 2 new 1950s
Stu17 studebaker trans filter and pan 1545195 new in box
Stu18 studebaker manifolds x 2 1950s
Stu19 studebaker manifold downpipe 1950s
Stu20 studebaker double horn kit 1950s
Stu21 studebaker rear tail light surrounds x 2 1950s
Stu22 studebaker odds and ends gaskets etc
Stu23 studebaker second hand carb complete 2 chokes
Stu24 studebaker air cleaner element 552494 fct005
Stu25 studebaker purolator oil filtet per3 new boxed 1950s
Stu26 studebaker atlas micronal oil filte gold m43 heavy duty new boxed 1950s
Stu27 studebaker wheel bearing and seal new in packet
Stu28 studebaker crossland oil filter number 475 1950s
Stu29 studebaker rear light surround green 1950s
Stu30 studebaker locking petrol cap without key 1950s
Stu31 studebaker fuel gauge new
Stu32 studebaker side light complete for wing top 1950s
Stu33 studebaker petrol lift pump 1950s new
Stu34 studebaker cigar lighter 58-62 new
Stu35 studebaker interior light complete missing the lens 1950s
Stu36 studebaker brake adjuster 1950s
Stu37 studebaker petrol flap in red primer 1950s
Stu38 studebaker regulator box top missing 1950s
Stu39 studebaker regulator box complete with top 1950s
Stu40 studebaker heater regulator valve 1950s
Stu41 studebaker bonnet catch 1958
Stu42 studebaker foot operated windscreen washer pump complete 1950s
Stu43 studebaker heater thermostat switch 1950s
Stu44 studebaker aluminium door handle
Stu45 studebaker body chrome end cap new in packet 1950s
Stu46 studebaker rear arms plates and shims x 24 1950s
Stu47 studebaker uj new in packet 1950s
Stu48 studebaker original hose clips x 10 1950s
Stu49 studebaker petrol lift pump minus bowl 1950s
Stu50 studebaker vent open mechanism and cable 1950s
Stu51 studebaker window bar 1950s
Stu52 studebaker disc plate?
Stu53 studebaker coil 1950s
Stu54 studebaker speedo cable new in box 1950s
Stu55 studebaker various 2 door cables complete spacer and screw 1950s
Stu56 studebaker rocker cover gasket GSK061 new in packet 1950s
Stu57 studebaker distributer cap new in box 1950s
Stu58 studebaker rear main bearing seal kit new in packet 1950s
Stu59 studebaker starter motor new bushes in box 1950s
Stu60 studebaker dashboard gauges oil pressure x 2 and amp x 1 1950s
Stu61 studebaker regulator box 1950s
Stu62 studebaker new set of points in packet 1950s
Stu63 studebaker cigar lighter chrome and black 1950s
Stu64 studebaker distributor and relay 1950s
Stu65 studebaker rear number plate light covers two 1950s
Stu66 studebaker dashboard light switch 1950s
Stu67 studebaker a valve maybe control possibly heater 1950s
Stu68 studebaker bumper 8 bolts and odds and ends
Stu69 studebaker head gasket set 1950s
Stu70 studebaker transmission filter and oil pan gasket set 1545195 TRN002
Stu71 studebaker manifold gasket 1950s new in packet 1561465 GSK043
Stu72 studebaker sump gasket new in packet 1950s
Stu73 studebaker quarterlight window and mechanism left side 1956 to 1964
Stu74 studebaker set of brake pipes new all labelled
Stu75 studebaker wing mirror to wing rubber seal
Stu76 studebaker gasket and seal kit various items 1950s
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