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1988 Exceptional time warp Volvo 740 GL (Saloon) For Sale

This exceptionally well looked after Volvo 740 GL is currently showing 110000 miles and is sold wth a 12 month MOT. I have sold a lot of cars on this site as an enthusiast, cars are to enjoy. The Volvo 740 was designed by Jan Wilsgaard and became affectionately nicknamed 'The Brick' by an adoring public eager for a big, safe and very Swedish alternative to the woeful build quality of British Leyland or the Autobahn storming BMW's and Mercedes. The Volvo 740GL is quite simply one of the finest cars ever made, quintessentially Swedish and a super comfortable everyday drive cool enough to feature in a Human League pop video at the height of New Romantic electro-pop popularity. More recently Luther has chosen this car as his 'so out, it's in' daily drive in the cop series of the same name. In unquestionably the finest colour combination of Silver Green Metallic and pinstripe plush black velour upholstery, this wonderful example has everything going for it, from unmarked bumper skins to the rarer alloy wheels and the automatic gearbox that affords effortless motorway cruising. These cars stop well and whilst they accelerate from 0-60 in a not too horrendous 7.4 seconds, it's their sheer usability that made them the main stay of taxi drivers and chauffeurs from Istanbul to Ipswich. The Kurdish guys at the local car wash tell me they were a favourite in Iraq back in the 80's as they'd never leave you stranded in the desert and the 740 even made it onto a TV show about luxury saloons waving the flag for Sweden. Whilst people call them a barge, in fairness, they are easy to steer and once up to speed, mid range acceleration from the naturally aspirated engine is respectable on todays roads too. This particular car has a new CD player with an I-phone adapter and electric aerial. It has also had a USB port fitted discreetly into the drivers side of the foot-well trim. The car also benefits from a remote central locking, a modern alarm fitted and a Road Angel camera front and rear operated by the ignition and recording to an SD Card. The head lamp bulbs have been uprated to modern standards and it wears a rather stylish hippo bonnet mascot made by specialists Louis Lejeune, which are good enough for the Royal Family! The back shelf has a badge bar with all sorts of car associated badges in place and a real rarity these days, an Arthur Daley car sticker. It's amazing how quickly this icon of 80's TV has been forgotten, so catch up with Arthur on ITV4 and have a little chuckle! I even saw a Volvo 740 in a James Bond film 'A view to a kill' the other day. I bought this car from a gentleman in Leicester some years ago and it's appeared in some films and adverts itself too. I have a collection of cars, some of them considered a little bit more glamorous than the Volvo, but whether an Aston DB9 or DB7 (SOLD), my Bentley Continental GT Mulliner (SOLD) or my Chevy Silverado (SOLD), SAAB 900 (SOLD) nothing, genuinely, brings as many kind words and friendly conversations as the Volvo 740. Mechanics and car dealers, retired accountants and road side pointers, they all love the condition and the ambiance this car exudes. It has wanted for nothing in my care and has had substantial mechanical works undertaken, brakes, exhaust, engine, suspension ... the list goes on. I cant say a bad word about the 740, it has been a faithful friend and even when parked in Belgravia amongst S-class Mercedes and S8 Audi's and all the other glam looking chauffeur cars, guess which one gets people chatting? And every chauffeur seems to remember driving a 740! Most on the roads are estates, the saloon, like this one is getting rare and to find one in this condition is even rarer still. I know you can buy a basket case on eBay for £400, but these cars are tipped for classic car attention and prices are on the up. I am advertising this 740 for £6200.. And that's another thing, insurance for these cars is so cheap! Classic limited miles and depending on where you live, you'll probably find sub £200 policies! Power steering's sharp, the electric windows all work as they should, the electrics all appear to be in perfect working order. It starts on the turn of the key and tyres are all correct Pirelli's with mm's of tread left on them too. Underneath the car has an extra thick layer of factory sealant and additional waxoyle. If you are looking for an very usable, safe and comfortable car, then this has to be worth a look. It really is like cruising round in a Swedish hotel lobby! If you like the Cadillac looks and the Swedish fuel economy and understand the iconic status that these cars attract, then any inspection is welcome. I've driven one with a small block V8 in - ridiculous fun - but as an unmolested 2 litre engine example and an every day car that turns heads and exudes everything good about the 1980's, then give this car genuine consideration. This car will drive you down to the South of France in comfort whilst it's voluminous boot will take all your luggage and the overdrive button on the automatic shifter will give you a boost when needed. I often visit classic car showrooms and everyone agrees that these cars will suddenly be £10k classics. Parts are still mostly available, service parts are easy to find. Available to view near Marlborough, Wiltshire and available to view near West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Recent listed service and repair parts under my ownership: Windscreen repair to stone chip. Wheels refurbished by Platinum Alloy Wheels of Swindon. Replaced tyres with new Pirelli tyres. Replaced driver's seat. New headlining. Alarm (Cobra Alarm Cat 1). Pinoneer header unit fitted new. Rear view mirror fitted with trim. New bumper skins. Uprated headlight bulbs and replacement units. Replaced electric door mirrors. Paint to rear wings, boot lid and front spoiler. Welding to front inner wings. Paint and waxoyle as required. New seat belt retainer. Reconditioned steering rack. Drop links. Track rods. Prop shaft bearings. Replaced rear axle. Electric aerial. Steering rack. Fuel Filter. Fuel pump. Brake calliper. Replaced PAS fluid. Dry stored over Winter. Annually overhauled. Comprehensive MOT history easily checked on line. The head gasket and the followers - replaced. Last Serviced in March 2018. Brakes overhaul, new three box exhaust exaust, kick down serviced. If you are genuinely interested in the this vehicle, my mechanic would be pleased to discuss any matters with you. A ramp is available by appointment to inspect the underside etc. Everything has been done to present this car as an exceptional example. I have spent in excess of £10,000 on getting it to this standard. It has some welding where needed. If you are told that a car has never been welded, I would implore you to have it throughly checked out. The underseal can hide a multitude of sins. In this case the underside is very clean with no evident leaks or rust. It is dry and very clean. Watch field Service Centre (Volvo Specialists) state that this is the best 740 they've come across and describe it as exceptional. I'm yet to see another 740 for sale in this condition. I have been advised by two auction houses on the value of this vehicle.
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