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1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD

1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 1 of 6)
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 2 of 6)
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 3 of 6)
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 4 of 6)
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 5 of 6)
1980 Frogeye Sprite Lookalike -DEPOSIT TAKEN SOLD (picture 6 of 6)
Not for sale - it has been sold via a Car and Classic Free Ad
OK, so it isn't a real Frogeye Sprite, but then it isn't more than £10k! The original car shares its underpinnings with MG Midgets, so take a late rubber bumper Midget 1500 , add a Tifosi Rana kit (still offered by Hallís Garages), which replaces just the front and rear bodywork, making the car the same dimensions and look of a Frogeye Sprite.

Considerably lighter than the original Midget (the bumpers alone weigh 85 lb on a rubber bumper Midget) and with fibre glass front and rear, it benefits from the 1500 twin carb engine so is noticeably swifter than either a standard Midget or Sprite.
I have owned this car since September 2008, and the idea was that with my then late teenage sons we would father/sons bond and build the Tifosi. Whilst they were in the 6th form.
So 7 years later...I had a finished car and have enjoyed driving it and improving it.

The car has lots of new stuff on it which would cost as much as I am asking for the car itself (see list below) but it includes: a Frontline Developments 5 speed gearbox (similar to a Type 9 Ford gearbox), Frontline suspension and front disc brakes, new Revotec fan and radiator, "mini lite" type alloys with Michelin tyres (lots of tread), new water pump, and Frontlineís Taper wheel bearings. The respray was by a professional bodyshop,in BMW Montreal Blue.
It has a new MoT (to 6th June 2018) and has been serviced by Brian Brown Classics, an MG specialist. The odometer says 25000miles but that is likely to be 125,000, as I have past MoTs, listed below which suggests that might be more accurate, but I also have records that show the engine has been rebuilt at least once.

Please note I use this car just with a tonneau cover. The original Midget hood does not fit the revised bodywork (but is in good order and available with the car) but the kit was supplied with brackets that take the original Sprite hood sticks/frame. I have both the brackets and sticks but have not fitted them. I donít have an original Spite hood Ė so if you want a hood, then take all the above with the car and either adapt the original fabric or buy a Sprite hood (windscreen fittings will need adapting though).

Huge fun, have taken to Le Mans, and done club runs, but my cranky back means it is just not the car for me anymore. Lots of spares, bills for work done. Huge fun for the summer - even the car smiles! So save yourself a fortune over an original Frogeye and have something faster yet still basically the same car!

The new bits:
September 2014
New 5 speed gearbox
New dampers
Lowered suspension (Poly bushes)
New Fuel Tank & sender unit £2982

May 2016
New Radiator
New Revotec fan
New Water Pump
Taper wheel Bearings £2240

Recon Diff £427

New Mountney steering wheel (2017)

Mini lite type alloys and Michelin tyres (2014)
Electronic ignition (2017)

MoT History with stated mileages:

MoT 25th August 1988 54309 miles
MoT 16th March 1990 55273 miles
MoT 4th April 1991 62383miles
MoT 27th April 1992 66115 miles
MoT 17th May 1993 67110 miles
MoT 23rd May 1994 78276miles
MoT 25th May 1995 90513 miles
MoT 23rd May 1996 04032 miles
MoT 2nd June 1997 12926 miles
MoT 21st May 1998 16879 miles
MoT 18th May 1999 18478 miles
MoT 30th May 2000 18830 miles
MoT 16th July 2001 19048 miles
MoT 22nd July 2002 20149 miles

MoT 14th April 2008 21024 miles

MoT 6th June 2014 21451 miles
MoT 21st May 2015 23101 miles
MoT 10th May 2016 23600 miles
MoT 5th June 2017 25137miles

7 former keepers first registered 10th January 1980 and purchased by me on 10th September 2008.

Owners prior:

13th October 2006 Mr.Banks, Essex

1st April 2002 MissJ Tuffin, West Sussex

18th June 1998 Mr. Inman,, Sussex (Mileage then 117, 130 miles)

August 1993 Mr. Reed, Sussex (Engine rebuilt during his ownership 1994?)
28th September 1984 Mr Cosnett, Surrey

First owner unknown.

Advert Type: For Sale
Category: Classic Cars
Make: Austin Healey
Model: Sprite
Model (alt): Frogeye Sprite - Tifosi
Year: 1980
Country: UK
Town: St. Albans
Status: Private
Ref: C880603