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1964 ROVER P4 110 For Sale

1964 ROVER P4 110

- Absolute amazing binder with history and instruction manuals and stories
- Nice ownership history
- Fantastic car to drive
- Very reasonable priced in comparison to the amazing car the buyer will get

The Rover Cycle Company was started in 1894 and by 1902 had progressed from pedal cycles to motor cycles. By 1906 the company was making cars and the name changed to The Rover Company Limited. The company struggled in the depression of the thirties but the re-establishment of the company started when Spencer Wilks and later his brother Maurice built up a reputation for quality cars with superb engineering up to the outbreak of the second world war. After the war all companies were struggling to update their model range but Rover, like many other car makers, re-launched their pre-war range of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 horsepower cars. These were developed into the 60 and 75 in 1948 and incorporated the engine destined later for the P4 featuring overhead inlet and side exhaust valves, otherwise the cars looked very similar to the pre-war models although there were a number of detail changes brought in by their designer Gordon Bashford.
Meanwhile the Wilks brothers were looking to develop a new range of cars as the 60 and 75 were only seen as stop gaps and their ideas were heavily influenced by the American cars of the period which had not suffered such a total cessation of devlopment as British Companies. They were particularly drawn to the Loewy designed Studebaker Champion and two cars were soon at the Rover works for evaluation. The body was of similar size to the Bashford 75 and prototype bodies were produced for that chassis and known informally as Roverbakers. The design was developed into the new 75 model which was the first of the P4 range. It was only subsequently that enthusiasts referred to the pre-war cars as P2’s and the post war 60 and 75 as P3’s.
The new car incorporated the 2106cc inlet over exhaust engine of the P3 75 but with twin carburettors and other detail developments. The freewheel feature of the earlier cars was retained and there was a high aluminium content in the body due to the steel shortages of the time. The initial price was £1106 and was seen as one of the outstanding cars of 1950. The styling featured a centrally mounted spotlamp which was received with mixed reactions and coined the nickname “Cyclops”. This feature was soon dropped and no doubt helped to overcome the cooling problems which had affected the car. A four cylinder model, the 60, was introduced for 1954 but was not very successful being seen as a downmarket 75 for nearly the same price. Also for 1954, the 90 was introduced with a 2638cc engine and became for many the “definitive” P4. Development continued, however, and the body was re-styled in 1955 by David Bache; the boot was enlarged and new front wings incoporating flashing indicators appeared. In 1957 the 105R and 105S models appeared as new top-of-the-range models and the former introduced a novel form of semi-automatic gearbox which worked well but did not achieve popularity and was dropped; the 105 continued for another year.
The top model was introduced slightly later and was the 110 which like the example we currently offer for sale. The 110 incorporated the Weslake cylinder head modifications from the P5 and developed 123 bhp which resulted in the most powerful P4 and still today the 110 is a very relaxed high speed motorway cruiser.


This specific Rover has a unique story.
We have a friend who we know already for many many years. The gentlemen came already at my father his Rover Dealer garage when I was even not born. The gentlemen drives Rover for his entire life. Approximately 50 years he drove the Rover P4, P5 and P6 so we can speak about a very serious enthusiast.

Last week he visited us and showed an absolute amazing Rover P6 which he finally sold to my father for initially his own collection. The amount of details in logo’s knobs, wheels etc. were all known by the gentlemen and the enthusiasm and excitement in telling the differences in details was infectious.

But unfortunately the gentlemen is ill and he still has some dreams in owning specific Rovers. He bought this P4 but wanted to have another time a P5 and asked us therefore to buy this Rover P4.

A car with a very nice history as the former owner bought this car quite a long time ago in the UK. He brought the car back with his wife to Holland and enjoyed the car. He gave the car to his daughter but after some years she had to conclude that she was not using the car and had a problem with parking facilities in the place she was living.
The car was sold to a gentlemen with a huge collection. This collection has been completely sold and by coincidence the gentlemen found his own car back. The decision was quickly made to buy the car and to enjoy her but because of the reason described above the car was sold to us.

Due to the fact that the former owner is an absolute Rover maniac he made 3 impressive binders full with details of the Rover including invoices, letters, pictures and details about the model. It is impressive to see and nice to have with the car.

Unfortunately the Rover P4’s don’t have enormous values in comparison to the fantastic cars they are. It is therefore very hard to find these cars in proper and nice conditions because the restoration costs are easily higher then the value of the car.
It is therefore very nice for us that we were able to buy this extremely nice condition Rover P4.


The looks of the Rover are fantastic. It can easily be seen that this specific car is in a very nice condition.
The paint is very nicely done with high gloss and smooth coverage throughout. The doors are fitting very properly with nice gaps.
If a Rover P4 door is properly installed, it has a very characteristic sound when closing and this car has that nice noise.
The doors are also closing very softly/smoothly. Something you have to feel. Not important but just very nice.

The door rubbers are all in very good shape without signs of drying.

The Rover has a lot of chrome parts which are all in very nice condition. Definitely the bumpers which are often damaged or scratched are in a wonderful condition.

The lights including the glasses are in as new condition. Please take a careful look at the wonderful old LUCAS lamps on the bumper. They are so nice and perfectly period correct.

The car sits on period correct AVON tires and all around are very nice condition hubs.

The car is a very very nice appearance in this wonderful exterior condition.


The interior is just amazing of this Rover. The car offers seats for 6 persons. 3 on the front sofa and 3 on the back. A real family car which gives inside the feeling of being in a very cosy hotel lobby or English living room. The smell of the leather is fantastic and typically for the Rover P4.

The entire interior is completely original and so impressively nice. It is absolutely amazing that the interior still is in such a beautiful condition. Very often the interior is damaged and/or renewed but this is as it should be. Very nice and original.

The leather on the seats show a very nice patina. The wooden dashboard is just very beautiful and the chrome parts are all in as-new condition.
All the meters are functioning as they have to.

The big steering wheel with the beautiful chrome circle in the middle is original and also in an as-new condition.

The Rover P4 was a well built car and there are there are many survivors on the road around the world. There are quite a few people who are using a P4 as a everyday car because the car is driving so well.

In many ways once you have taken place in a P4’s cabin, how she drives is almost secondary. Surrounded by high-quality materials wrapped up in an understated design, a P4 cabin in that’s in good nick is fabulous place to enjoy hour after hour.
Alongside the leather and African walnut you’ve got chrome, Bakelite and fabulous detailing like a height-adjustable arm rest on the door.

Driving the Rover is very very very comfortable and nice. It can easily be used on the motorway as it can gain without any problems the speed of today.
The handling is very simple and nice.

Altogether this is a fantastic car with a very nice history and paper file.


For more information or an appointment, please call Rutger Houtkamp+31625098150 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during evenings or in the weekend. The Houtkamp Collection is centrally located near Amsterdam and only 10 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The information provided on this website has been compiled by The Houtkamp Collection with the utmost care. The information contained within this advert is provided ‘as-is’, without warranties as to its accuracy whether expressed or implied and is intended for informational purposes only. The Houtkamp Collection is not liable for any errors or mistakes.

Price £16600 As stated
Ad Type For Sale
Category Classic Cars
Make Rover
Model P4
  1964 ROVER P4 110
Year 1964
Country Netherlands
Telephone 0031 625 098150
Status Trade
Date 13-Oct-2018
Ref C891943

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