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1991 Nissan Skyline GTR 11,433 Miles For Sale

-Chassis # BNR32016571 -Engine # RB26DETT2568 -An Untouched Original and Stock Example -Offered With Original Books and Records -Offered With Only 18,400KM (11,433 Miles) From New -Likely One Of The Best Extant The almighty Nissan Skyline GT-R. The mere name itself makes the hair of a young enthusiast's neck stand on end, as this was Nissan's crème de la crème, their signature dish, and their greatest creation. These cars were respected and revered for being mind-blowingly quick off the line and a fierce contender in the corners. Originally making its debut at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show, the GT-R was originally being sold as a 4-door sedan, powered by a DOHC 2.0L engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This initial production run lasted from 1969 to 1973 and then discontinued due to the oil crisis but in due time the GT-R would make its return. Fifteen long years later, Nissan decided to revive the beloved GT-R and have it compete in Group A racing and touring car championships, worldwide. The GT-R received a complete overhaul, now equipped with a 2.6L twin-turbocharge inline six-cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and rear-wheel steering, which resulted in absolute dominance on the track. Its internal chassis code was designated as R32 which quickly became instilled as arguably the most symbolic of the GT-R series. The R32 Skyline was just so balanced and well-engineered that in combination with the utterly iconic styling, won over the heart of the public and to this day are some of the most sought-after examples to date. Remaining an icon and a must have modern Japanese collector car. On offer is this 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R, chassis # BNR32016571, that has a mere 18,383 kilometers from new, finished in Jet Silver Metallic over Black. This example was built in May of 1991 and was delivered to the Nissan/Prince Akita dealership. It was then sold to its first owner on May 20, 1992 with 1,025km on the odometer at the time of the sale. It is also at this time that the 180km/hr speedometer was switched to a 260km/hr NISMO unit by the selling dealer. This was a common and popular upgrade that was supposedly an available option through Nissan dealerships along with many other NISMO upgrades often seen on R32's. Until May of 2016, this Skyline remained under the care of its original owner, who always had the car routinely serviced at the same dealership he purchased it from. This R32 was then exported to the U.S. where it has since made its way to the LBI Limited Detroit Stable. Since this vehicle's completion at the factory, it has been intently preserved in its original finishes and mechanical configuration. The exterior presentation of this GT-R is exactly what an enthusiast looks for in an original example. The paint shows fabulously, with no signs of any paintwork, having a consistent finish throughout. A close inspection of the paint will yield some minor marks of use but nothing that would pose concern or tending to. Located on the front bumper and side of the rear spoiler are a few small stone chips. Along the side skirts are a series of light vertical scratches, most likely from entry and exit. The painted door handles have incurred some very light paint chips but nothing serious. A nice feature of this example is the original dealer sticker on the rear bumper, untouched and another indicator of originality. This Skyline has excellent panel gaps, with the fitment throughout being exactly as it should. The glass is believed to be original to the car and is free of chips, cracks, or scratches. All the rubber seals are presentable, free of any significant dry rot or damage. Each of the 5-spoke wheels present in their original paint, with the only notable blemish being drip marks on the driver side rear wheel. The cause of the marks is unclear, however, a proper polishing of the wheel would at minimum make it less noticeable if not resolve the issue. The interior of the R32 is not very luxurious, however, very functional in many aspects. The cloth bucket seats are nowhere near plush but are surprisingly comfortable and do an excellent job of keeping the driver put during hard cornering. They display no characteristics of significant wear, having no notable inconsistencies which is also the case for the rear seats. The door jams are very tidy with all factory stickers accounted for. The floor mats show well, accented with the “SKYLINE” name. They do show some mild discoloration from use but could be remedied with a proper cleaning. However, the gray carpets underneath are spotless with no blemishes. All components are correct and original to the car with the exception of the head unit which has been replaced with an aftermarket Clarion unit. The dash is in great condition, absent of common flaws and is consistent in quality with the remainder of the interior. Going through the function of each button, switch, knob, and lever shows that all systems are operational. Both windows go up and down with ease, lights go on and off, even the power door mirrors work. In short, the cabin of this GT-R is nearly pristine with no significant flaws. The overall condition is indicative of the original miles as well as that of an investment grade example. The rare quality of this Skyline continues in the engine compartment as it has been left unmodified and in its factory specification. The 2.6L inline six-cylinder engine is believed to be the same power plant this example was equipped with from the factory. The engine bay exhibits high marks of originality with a plethora of factory inspection markings and all data tags, stickers, and stampings intact, adding to the integrity of this stock example. All components are in like new condition and an overall sense of tidiness is very much apparent. Pop open the rear trunk and one will find no issues to be had. The liner is free of any imperfections, complimented by clean metal that has no corrosion whatsoever. An inspection of the undercarriage will reveal various factory markings, similar to the engine bay, and boasts a consistency in terms of quality, matching the impeccable condition of the rest of this example. It is absent of any rust and evidence of damage with no abnormalities or notable flaws to report. To one's expectation, this example's mechanical functionality resembles that of a new car. The only item to note is a noisy throw out bearing which is in the process of being investigated, likely from lack of use given the low miles. The previous owner has provided all of the maintenance records, outlining the services completed on this Skyline since new. Given that the records are in Japanese, below is a translated summary of the items completed: -First Month check at 333-km on 09/18/1991 -First 6 month check at 793-km on 11/25/1991 -Regular 6 month maintenance at 695-km on 11/20/1992 -Annual maintenance inspection at 1,861-km on 5/14/1993 -Regular 6 month maintenance at 5,556-km on 12/08/1994 -Front Upper link repair at 5,691-km on 12/28/1994 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 6,677-km on 5/17/1995 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 9,347-km on 4/23/1996 -Regular 6 month check at 11,001-km on 11/27/1996 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 11,405-km on 4/22/1997 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 12,718-km on 5/26/1998 -Regular 6 month check at 13,225-km on 11/18/1998 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 13,738-km on 5/13/1999 -Regular 6 month check at 14,279-km on12/05/1999 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 14,590-km on 5/24/2000 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,062-km on 5/31/2001 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,354-km on 5/22/2002 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,509-km on 5/18/2003 -Regular 6 month check at 15,606-km on 12/07/2003 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,614-km on 4/26/2004 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,632-km on 4/25/2005 -Regular 6 month check at 15,772-km on 11/30/2005 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,779-km on 5/15/2006 -Regular 6 month check at 15,927-km on 11/20/2006 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 15,935-km on 4/20/2007 -Regular 6 month check at 16,132-km on 11/15/2007 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 16,191-km on 5/10/2008 -Regular 6 month check at 16,382-km on 11/16/2008 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 16,390-km on 4/30/2009 -Regular 6 month check at 16,410-km on 11/14/2009 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 16,502-km on 4/21/2010 -Regular 6 month check at 16,798-km on 11/05/2010 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 16,918-km on 4/28/2011 -Regular 6 month check at 17,136-km on 10/23/2011 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 17,206-km on 5/11/2012 -Bi-Annual maintenance & inspection at 17,211-km on 5/18/2014 -Annual maintenance & inspection at 17,247-km on 12/11/2015 -Title states changed to “Export Certificate” on 3/31/2016 In summation, this 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R offers an exquisite opportunity to become the next custodian of an icon that is loved and revered by many. It has been left in its factory specifications, completely unmodified in anyway making it a true rarity. Of the few examples that have been imported to the U.S., this has to be one of the best in every regard. For the collector looking to diversify his collection or for the Japanese sports car enthusiast, this extremely well-preserved example will certainly not disappoint. This example has immense potential for future value growth, as the next generation of car collectors become the majority in the market place, searching out quality imports such as this. Offered with this sale are the books, spare wheel, documentation file, and spare key. Please visit for many more photos and documentation. Worldwide shipping is available upon request. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @LBILimited.

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