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1. Adverts must be for car related items or services and entered in the appropriate category. Adverts for inappropriate items or services or those placed in the wrong category may be deleted.

2. You must ensure that you are legally able to sell each item included in an Advert, and that it is lawful to sell such item to UK residents or (if the buyer is resident overseas) that it is lawful to sell and export such item to a person resident in the buyer's jurisdiction.

3. Each Advert should normally be for a single item, exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

4. Advertisers must place Adverts in a fair and responsible manner. Examples of unfair use would be:

  • Multiple Adverts for the same item;
  • Adverts which are misleading or withhold information which would affect a buyer's decision whether to purchase; or
  • Traders submitting Adverts for placement as private sellers.

5. Adverts are limited to up to 1000 words of text and 6 photographs. Adverts should only include content relevant to the item for sale.

6. Subject to our editorial policy, we will endeavour to have your Advert on the Website within 6 hours of submission and to publish it for 12 consecutive weeks, but make no warranties as to this.

7. We retain the right to ask for further information should we deem it necessary prior to authorising an advert.

8. All Adverts are submitted subject to our terms and conditions, and words or phrases with capital letters in these Guidelines have the meanings attributed to them therein. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions please do not submit Adverts.

9. We reserve the right to restrict the total number of adverts submitted from a single advertiser to what we consider to be a reasonable limit. In certain cases we can provide alternative options for advertisers who require a higher number of adverts.