Car and Classic Privacy Service

What is the Car and Classic Privacy Service?
This is a no cost service to the advertiser. It prevents a private advertiser's telephone numbers from being placed unprotected in the public domain on the web. Thus a personal telephone number does not become known to others. It "prevents" a number from being collected by unwanted sales organisations and unscrupulous individuals. It complements our other anti scam and anti fraud measures and is part of our privacy service. It helps ensure that personal contact details are only used for the purpose that you the advertiser had intended.

How much does a call cost when telephoning using this system?
People calling an Car and Classic Privacy Service 070 number from a standard BT home phone are charged 37ppm peak, 25ppm evening and 12.5ppm weekend . Other operators and mobile phone rates will vary according to operator. Car and Classic receives a small proportion of this revenue which helps maintain a high quality FREE adverts service.