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Latest Military for Sale

Year Make Description Price (£)
1940Volkswagen1940 VW Schwimmwagen WWII For Sale
19781978 AMX-13 Tank engine Saviem , new , NOS , complete For Sale6700
1942Dodge1942 Dodge Command Car For Sale18750
Land Rover2.25 Landrover Lightweight engine * New Remanufactured* For Sale2400
1993Land Rover1993 Land Rover Defender 110 2.5 NA. L reg. Ex MOD For Sale4495
1943ZundappWw2 German military Zundap ks 750 1943 For Sale35000
1940PeugeotPeugeot 202 from 1940 For Sale
1942Volkswagen1942 Volkswagen Kubel, Type 82, VW Kubelwagen For Sale
1945Dodge1945 Dodge Weapon Carrier 51 US Army For Sale9900
1987Land Rover1987 Ex mod Landrover For Sale7250
1954Humber1954 Humber PIG HUMBER PIG MILITARY - 1953 For Sale12500
1978Land Rover1978 LANDROVER S3 Lightweight 24V FFR+ Working CLANSMAN For Sale9995
1983Land Rover1983 exMOD Land Rover 109 Series 3 FFR Long Wheel Base For Sale3750
1957Jeep1957 JEEP WILLYS M38 A1 For Sale6500
1982Land Rover1982 Low mileage ex Dutch army Series III Defender LWT For Sale8000
1980Land Rover1980 Land Rover Lightweight Ex RAF Lossiemouth For Sale5750
1943Zundapp1943 Zundapp KS750 with BW40 For Sale43200
1939Opel1939 Opel Kapitan For Sale
1944BMW1944 BMW R75 Wehrmachtsgespann For Sale20500
1969Ford1969 Military M151 Jeep with Canopy Top and 2 way Radio For Sale19500
1978Land Rover1978 Pristine FFR with exceptional provenance For Sale21450
1944FordFord Gpw 1944 For Sale22000
Circa 1940 Supermarine Spitfire Cockpit Recreation For Sale20000
19401940 SPA TL37 and SPA TP41 For Sale
1983Land Rover1983 restored 2017, excellent all rounder, must see example For Sale11995
MTLB WPT Mors For Sale
1983Land Rover1983 Military spec Landrover series3. For Sale4250
1944Volkswagen1944 VW Schwimmwagen 166 For Sale125000
1940Dodge1940 WW2 Dodge WC Parts , WC51 , WC52 , WC56 , WC58 For Sale
19501950 Brockhouse Mk2 Trailer Landrover / Austin Champ For Sale750
1987Zil1987 Russian Truck ZIL-130 PERFECT CONDITION For Sale4400
1942Ford1942 FORD GPW WW2 JEEP - RESTORED - EXCEPTIONAL!! For Sale27991
1964Mack Army Truck 1964, see pictures!! For Sale
1985Zil1985 Russian Truck ZIL-131 PERFECT CONDITION For Sale4700
1942JeepJeep MB 1942 ( soviet Army) For Sale
1976Land Rover1976 LHD EX BFG For Sale11709
1942BMW1942 BMW 801a engine For Sale
1945Bedford1945 Bedford QLB - Originally a gun tractor For Sale
1942VolkswagenKubelwagen 1942 For Sale
1939Morris1939 Morris Commercial CS8 Mk II, Morris, Morris Commercial For Sale
1972Renault1972 Renault Saviem Army Truck For Sale7500
1942Unic G50M2L 1942 Wehrmacht truck For Sale5000
1943VolkswagenVW Schwimmwagen 1943. For Sale120000
1987Gaz1987 Ex soviet jeep For Sale7000
1957RenaultRenault 2087 1957 For Sale5000
1939Plymouth1939 Plymouth P8 4dr Sedan Army Staffcar For Sale
1963Jeep1963 1960’s Diamond-T JEEP M354 6x6 5-Ton Military For Sale105000
19691969 Fully restored K750 For Sale6500
1947Willys1947 Willys Overland MB frame off restauration For Sale21000
19431943 M-4 High Speed Tractor in running order EXCELLENT For Sale
19421942 WW2 RAF generator with Caterpillar D4 engine For Sale3400
1971JeepJeep Willis 6/1971, M38A1-CDN3 For Sale16500
1943BSABSA WM20 1943 For Sale6500
1938Opel1938 Opel Blitz 1.5 Ton Kubel-/Mannschaftswagen, Opel Blitz For Sale
60-7Land RoverLand Rover military trailer For Sale
2010BMW2010 Low mileage M3 Monte Carlo edition + 1 years warranty For Sale27900
1953Austin1953 Lovingly restored Austin Champ For Sale17995
1952Humber1952 Humber Cargo For Sale6995
1954Austin1954 Austin K9 in lovely condition. For Sale9795
1981MZ1981 MZ TS 250 original military NVA For Sale2800
1950Scammell1950 Partially restored For Sale14000
Land RoverLand Rover Defender 240V alternator For Sale150
19881988 ATS-59 Soviet Millitary Tracktor For Sale
1941WillysWillys MA 1941 for restoration For Sale
1942Ford1942 Ford GPS, Willy's Jeep, WW2 JeepS For Sale
1944AustinAustin K2-GS from 1944 with AB Fletcher cargo bed. For Sale
1991Renault1991 Rb44 turbo pas military truck road Reg For Sale7000
19781978 Namco Panther, Farmobil Citroen based, sole survivor For Sale
19891989 T-72 Tank engine V46 For Sale
1942WillysUltimate JEEP Ford GPW 1942 Full Nut & Bolt Resto For Sale25995
1958Hotchkiss1958 Hotchkiss M201 rebuilt La Maltournée boxed engine. For Sale4950
1944Willys1944 willys jeep trailer, For Sale300
19421942 Fruehauf 8 tons trailer CPT-8 For Sale
1943Mercedes1943 Mercedes L1500S ex German Army truck For Sale
KaroVolvoVolvo BV 202N For Sale8500
1958Gaz1958 GAZ 46 ( copy Ford GPA - WWII) For Sale
1943Gaz1943 Gaz 67 (Soviet Jeep Willys MA) WWII car For Sale
1938Handley Knight1938 Hanomag Leichter Einheits PKW For Sale
1951Jeep1951 JEEP WILLYS M38/ MC For Sale23000
1943Aircraft engine JUMO-211-J 1943 WWII For Sale
1938BMW1938 BMW 132A aifcraft motor For Sale
1942BMW1942 Aircfraft engine BMW 801A For Sale
1992Iveco1992 IVECO Military 4X4 Nut and Bolt Restored 7 passenger vehicle For Sale20000
19431943 T-54 and T-34 engine For Sale6000
1945Volkswagen1945 Soviet Schwimmwagen For Sale
19441944 T 34 v12 520HP For Sale8500
1970Volvo1970 Pinzgauer 710 For Sale8000
19441944 willys jeep crate, For Sale900
1986Jeep1986 JEEP WILLYS VIASA CJ3B For Sale12000
1944Chevrolet1944 Chevrolet Earth Auger US signal corps For Sale9500
Haul-Matic For Sale7200
1966Renault1966 Renault R-2065 Sinpar S626E(special french police) For Sale5000
1952Willys1952 Jeep Willy's M38 with overdrive For Sale14990
Amphibious PTS For Sale
BLG-67 For Sale
2K11 KRUG (SA-4 GANEF) For Sale
BAT-M engineering vehicle of Russia For Sale
BMP-1 For Sale
1984GMCGMC Truck 6x6 1984 military V8 8.2-liter For Sale1000
Special Constable Arm Band. For Sale45
1962Fiat1962 Fiat Campagnola AR59 LIKE NEW CONDITION MOT incl. For Sale9500
NONEDigger for Military trucks oldtimer For Sale80
NONELantern for military vehicle oldtimer For Sale100
1995Land Rover1995 LAND ROVER 110 DEFENDER (1985) Vintage Collection For Sale5500