1993 E34 BMW M5 – Classified of the Week


By Chris Pollitt

When it comes to performance saloons, there are few that do it better than BMW. And at the top of the pile from BMW’s offerings has to be the M5. It was introduced in 1984 as part of the E28 5 Series lineup. It was a bold, brash car built to get four people where they needed to be very quickly indeed. It was raw, visceral power, too. No superchargers, no turbo, just a thumping 280bhp from a naturally aspirated straight-six engine. 

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Soon though, things moved on and in 1987 BMW evolved the 5 Series into the car we’re looking at here, namely the E34. It was and still is a handsome, well-balanced design. A perfectly proportioned three-box saloon, the E34 was a hit from the off. And of course, BMW being BMW made sure there was something for every buyer. It could be had as a four-cylinder, a six-cylinder and even a V8. All decent, but none offered the same sense of drama and occasion as the E28. BMW knew that, and addressed the issue in 1988 with the E34 M5. A car that, for many, is perhaps the best M5. Again, it was powered by a straight-six, but with over 300bhp to the rear wheels via a tight five-speed manual ‘box. Thanks to BMW’s design philosophy, it boasted 50/50 weight distribution and as such, was a formidable car to pilot. This was and still is a car in which you feel intrinsic to the driving experience. This isn’t a machine that just goes fast, it’s a machine that needs the driver to be part of the equation. It truly is one of the ultimate driving machines. 

So what of the vision of Daytona Violet we’ve selected here? Well, for starters it’s got the desirable 3.8 24-valve engine meaning some 340bhp to the rear. It’s got the favoured Nurburgring driving pack, too. This brings thicker 19mm anti-roll bars, ZF Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering and the ability to lock the Adaptive M Suspension to the stiffest setting. With this pack, the M5 is turned up to eleven. 

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The current owner bought the car in 2017, rescuing it from a ten year slumber in the process. He recommissioned the car to get it on the road, and used it as a daily driver in a bid to give it a good mechanical shakedown. Once he was happy with how it was running, and after assessing the frankly excellent condition, the decision was made to fully restore the car. As such, no nut has been left unturned. Have a read through the detailed advert and you’ll see that no expense has been spared. Body, suspension, brakes, engine, interior – nothing has been missed. The current owner reckons it owes him somewhere in the region of £42k. Yowzer. 

M5, BMW M5, E34 M5, E34, classic car, retro car, motoring, automotive, oldtimer, BMW M Car, Dayton Violet, performance saloon, car and classic, carandclassic.co.uk

We adore the E34 BMW M5. It’s a true ‘hall of fame’ machine, and one that you really do need to experience to believe. This car might have 130k on the clock, but given the work that’s been done, it’s as close to brand new, hand-built perfection as possible. There won’t be many out there in this condition or in this rare, but highly sought after colour. And at a mere £28,500 it is a veritable bargain. It’s a super saloon that you can use. It’s rugged, tough and built to be driven hard. And drive it hard you will. You won’t be able to help yourself.

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