2005 AC Cobra Replica – Classified of the Week


By Chris Pollitt

That word. Replica. There’s something about it, something that conjures up images of 17 year-olds gluing XR3i bits to a Popular Plus. Or, at the other end of the scale, there are those unfortunate Toyota MR2 models that have had seemingly endless money thrown at them in order to bear a passing resemblance to a Ferrari. And they do look like a Ferrari, if you put a Ferrari in the microwave for a bit. 

And that’s the problem with replicas – the bad far outweigh the good. But the good are not only out there, they’re also something we need. Take this 2005 AC Cobra Replica by DAX. It’s not a pastiche, it’s not a half attempt, it’s a spot-on representation of an automotive icon. And the best is, unlike its genuine counterparts, this one isn’t north of £100k. In fact, it’s a hair over a third of that – £34,950. 

But it’s not a real one, right? So that means sacrifices are being made? Well, no, it’s not real. But it’s the product of using a real one as a basis, and as such, it’s pretty much spot on in terms of dimensions and so on. This is about as close as you can get to a real Cobra without needing to sell a vital organ. 

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Built in 2005, this Dax version is one of the best out there. Dax has been in the Cobra game for decades, and has built up a reputation for being the go to name for those of us who want a Cobra, but without having to fork out the six figures needed for an original. The body is dimensionally perfect, having been modelled on an original car. And of course, being fibreglass, it’s extremely light but also extremely durable. The spaceframe chassis is also impressive and in the case of this car, it’s recently been stripped down and re-powder-coated making it as good as new. The whole thing is powered by a 5.6 litre V8, which has been mated to a manual transmission, driving the rear wheels. 

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For us, there are certain things that make this car truly special. The detail of the build is exemplary. The rivets, the paint, the attention to the chrome additions. It all makes this machine look ‘proper’. It doesn’t look like a kit car, that’s for sure. And with this one, you have the added bonus of a removable hard top, which means this Cobra is ready for all seasons, not just sunny summer blasts. And all for what is a bargain at just £34,950.

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