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Project ‘65 – Paint’s On!

One of the biggest highlights of any project or restoration is when the paint goes on. It’s all positive from there. There is no more welding, no more filling, no more prep. It’s a wondrous milestone to reach. So as you can imagine, we’re somewhat over the moon that our mighty 1965 Ford Cortina GT […]

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From Purchase to Passing – The Lifecycle of a Capri

When it comes to classic car ownership some people own many different makes and models over the course of their lives, continually changing things up and moving on, while others stick to just one special car, loving and cherishing it forever. I used to belong very much to the first group, having owned several classics […]

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The One That Got Away…

I don’t know what my parents must have been thinking as they watched my elated 15 year-old self help push £525 worth of rusty Classic Mini onto their suburban London driveway. I’d probably de-valued the property significantly with the arrival of my first project car and over the subsequent years, quite a few have graced […]

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Car & Classic: The Rescues – W124

Our Editor can’t resist a cheap car, so when he was presented with the opportunity to buy this slightly dilapidated W124 230E Mercedes-Benz for £100, he simply couldn’t say no. Though for once, there was a reason behind his manic car buying, and that reason was our blossoming YouTube channel, through which we’ve launched our […]

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Project ’65 – Car & Classic’s Racy Ford Cortina

We’ve gone and bought ourselves another project car, and already things are looking a bit rusty. But don’t worry, we have a plan!
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C&C Fleet – Project Z Car

Rust, lichen, strange musty smells. Our 1965 Ford Zephyr has it all. But for all its faults, it is a 40,000 mile one-owner car, so for that alone, we have to at least try to save it, right?