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Norfolk Premier Coachworks – Company Profile

Norfolk is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of restoration shops. An accent with a fondness of a hard R? Absolutely. The Broads? But of course. James Blunt? Um, yes actually. Eye-wateringly beautiful classic car restoration, however? Not so much.  Though it should be, because Norfolk, or more specifically, Norwich […]

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Mountney Classic – Car & Classic Visits

Back when I was growing up, desperately waiting for my 17th birthday to roll around so I could start my driving lessons, I was already building the ideal car in my head. It was a Mini, that was for certain. My best mate had one, and so did his two brothers. I wanted to be […]

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Autostorico – Experience in a New Guise

Happily, the classic car world is one that seems to be flourishing, and as it does, new dealers come to the fold and bring with them some exquisite machinery. And that’s the key: good, clean, interesting stock that is always willing to tell a story. One place that is laden with cars of that ilk […]

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UKD Auto – The Young Disruptors

The classic car is always welcoming of fresh, young faces that can take the industry forward. Imagine our joy when we stumbled upon UKD Auto, a Bristol-based outfit run by a brother and sister team who have a keen eye for finding, restoring and selling the finest German machinery they can.  While the business has […]