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This is what it’s like to drive Morgan’s AR Plus 4…

Photos by Bruce Holder When you think of a Morgan it’s perfectly acceptable for the mind’s eye to draw up the image of gentle drives in the countryside, gingham blankets and picnics in the sun. And for many older Morgans, that is most definitely the case. However, we really shouldn’t let ourselves think that. Morgan […]

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Cult Classic, Not Best Seller – The Ford Corsair

In the mid-1960s, Ford needed a new car. It had the Cortina to serve the needs of families, and it had the Zephyr and Zodiac to satisfy the appetite of the executive end of the market. However, what it had in the middle was somewhat lacking. That middle car was, of course, the Consul Classic. […]

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Cult Classic, Not Best Seller – The NSU Ro80

NSU started out as, of all things, a manufacturer of knitting machines way back in the 1870s. However, the company was forward-thinking and soon moved into making bicycles and by 1892, that’s all the company made. By 1901, the company had started bolting engines to its two-wheeled offerings, but it wasn’t going to stop there. […]