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The Badge Doesn’t Matter

See that picture just up there, the Proton? Yeah, that’s my old Proton. I found it earlier this year. It was a forgotten car, left on a driveway for a few years before it was brought to my attention by a Facebook post. At £200, I thought it had to be worth a punt. With […]

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Restoration – Do it Right, Do It Once

When it comes to looking after cars I was, and ‘was’ is the important word here, far from perfect. When I was younger, I just wanted my cars to work, and if that meant they were held together with nothing more than spit and optimism, then so be it. I remember once owning a Mini […]

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Electricity – It’s Not The Future (Of Classics)

Our Editor, Chris Pollitt, has been let off the leash again to deliver his, erm, unique views on what’s happening in the classic car world. This time, it’s the trend for electrifying classic cars that has fallen in front of his cross-hairs. I should start this by saying I have nothing against electric cars. I […]

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Classic Car Life – Come On In…

I don’t dislike modern cars. They serve a purpose. For example, my 2012 Ford C Max is not even remotely exciting, but it is safe (important as a father), frugal and comfortable. It does not, however, get me all fired up for cars. If it were crashed into I wouldn’t be sad about it. When […]