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The Renault 4 – Five things you need to know

If you have a French fancy for something fun and usable but your budget is a little more village boulangerie than Paris boutique then the “Quatrelle” could be just the car for you, but before you hand over those hard-earned Euros there are five things you should know. Quintessentially French the Renault 4 is both […]

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The Austin Mini – Five things you need to know

Introduced in 1959, the Austin Mini has since cemented itself a motoring icon. It’s one of those cars that everyone should own or at the very least have a go in. Driving a Mini is like nothing else. And you don’t need a bells and whistles Cooper – an 850cc base model Mini will still […]

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The Series One Range Rover – Five things you need to know

Do you have an itch for a usable, practical classic that’s just as happy green-laning as it is nipping to the supermarket for a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon? If so then the Series One Range Rover three-door could be just the ticket, but before scratching there are five things you should know… Nowadays the […]

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The Mk2 Ford Zodiac – Five things you need to know

If you want chrome, fins and lashings of American style, but you want a British car, there are few better to fit the bill than the Mk2 Ford Zodiac. Fancy owning one? Well, there are five things you should know first…
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The TVR Griffith – Five things you need to know

The TVR Griffith is a bona fide classic, but it’s also a sports car. And sports cars can be somewhat more fragile, especially as they get on in years, So, if you’re fancying a Griffith – one of TVR’s biggest hits – we’ve put together some pointers for you. Check these before you cut a cheque.