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Guilty Pleasures – The Ford Scorpio

1994 was one of the most important years of the 20th century, culturally-speaking, for two key reasons: firstly, a feel-good sitcom pilot by the name of Insomnia Café was green-lit by NBC under the new title Friends, and secondly Green Day released their first record on a major label, Dookie. Both of these vital cultural […]

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Guilty Pleasures – The Nissan Bluebird

My love for the humble Nissan Bluebird is steeped in first car nostalgia. The only trouble is, it wasn’t actually my first car. As a matter of fact, I’ve never even owned one. It was the late nineties, I was seventeen years old and all of my friends, myself included, were learning to drive. The […]

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Guilty Pleasures – The Austin/MG Maestro

See that cartoon image up there? That’s not a work of fantasy. That’s an image that was made for me by the very talented Why Grow Up? designs and is based on a photograph of my old MG Maestro track car. I wanted that image so I could print it on a t-shirt, which I […]