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Toyota GR Supra – Car & Classic Review

There are a lot of problems for the new, reborn Toyota Supra to overcome. Firstly, there is a big, German elephant in the room. Yes, this car was co-developed with BMW. So what? So some of the switches, some of the chassis and associated components and of course, the engine, comes from the BMW stable. […]

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Bullitt Mustang – Car & Classic Review

You don’t even need to be into cars to know the significance of Bullitt, or more specifically the car chase in Bullitt. The movie itself is largely forgettable, but the chase, oh the chase. A black ‘68 Dodge Charger 440 R/T squaring up against a ‘68 Ford Mustang fastback. The streets of San Francisco. The […]

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Alpine A110 – Car & Classic Review

It’s cool to trade on your past, if indeed your past is worth trading on. If you fell down the stairs in 1983, we don’t need to still be hearing about it now. If you won gold in the 1983 Olympics though, well, that’s a story we can live with. It gives you credibility, too. […]