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The Homologators – Ferrari 288 GTO

Some people go all weak at the knees for the Ferrari F40, and rightly so. It is an icon, it’s a formidable force in the world of supercars. It still has the power, pace and looks to cut it today. It is the poster-child for performance. But for many, it’s not quite ‘the one’. No, […]

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The Homologators – The Sierra Cosworth and RS500

When Ford released the Sierra RS Cosworth in 1985, we all fell off our chairs. The ‘80s were a time of excess, a time of ‘loadsamoney’ and a time for being big, being brash and being loud. But the RS Cosworth, man alive, that took the idea and ran with it. We’d only just started […]

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The Homologators – The Peugeot T16

The Peugeot 205GTi was a good car. In fact, it was and still is more than that, it’s an incredible car. A key lesson in how to get it right, it boasts perfect balance displayed by a perfect chassis. That’s a lot of perfects, but honestly, few hot hatches have failed to capture the imaginations […]

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The Homologators – Lancia Delta S4 ‘Stradale’

If a manufacturer wants to go racing, they need to build a fast car. But here’s the thing, they can only race a version of what they sell. Back in the '90s, this presented a crafty opportunity. Enter stage-left, the homologation car.