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Ford Focus ST170 – The Time is Now

Hot hatches are always and will always be popular. That said, the ongoing popularity of hot hatches as a whole isn’t a linear affair. Some are instant hits, others take a few years to find their feet and with it, find a following. A case in point would be the car we’re looking at here, […]

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The Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider – The Time is Now

Let’s get one thing out of the way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying something simply because of the way it looks. To behold beautiful things is part of the human condition, we want art, we want beauty and we want to surround ourselves with it. From the earliest cave man scribbling on the […]

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The Rover 800 – The Time is Now

Let’s get something out of the way. We have a Rover 800. It’s a 1999 800 Vitesse Sport and while it may currently be in bits, we do still love it (it’s the silver one below, in case you’re wondering). But, we’re not here to shout from our soap box and tell you to buy […]

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The Mercedes-Benz W201 – The Time is Now

The Mercedes-Benz 190 is often seen as being the baby, or more critically, not a proper Mercedes. That’s a very closed-minded way of looking at it. The 190, or W201 to give it its manufacturer coding, was a triumph in technology, engineering and comfort. Mercedes-Benz started developing it some eight years prior to its release […]

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The Vauxhall Calibra – The Time is Now

Something of a modern classic this time in the form of the Vauxhall Calibra. Handsome, sporty, easy to maintain and also remarkably practical, the Calibra could be all things to all drivers. It was a victim of the ‘90s though, meaning many have been quite literally modified to death. Today, however, it’s recognised as a classic and prices are on the rise. The time to buy is most definitely now.
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The Rover P6 – The Time is Now

Classic cars should be, first and foremost, bought for enjoyment. That said, there’s nothing wrong with making that enjoyment pay for itself. With that in mind, we’ve had look at the numbers and come up with this series of cars that should, hopefully, earn you a few quid as well as plenty of smiles per mile. First up? The Rover P6.