Classified of the Week – 1994 Mercedes-Benz W124


By Chris Pollitt

An old Mercedes-Benz, any old Mercedes-Benz, is a well-built, sturdy and reliable machine. However, there are some who move about in Benz circles that will happily tell you one of the finest examples of Mercedes-Benz getting it right was the W124. It was handsome, it was hand-built, it offered space, luxury and an engaging drive. It was automotive perfection. And like any good old Merc, all those positives still stand today. The W124 was such a well made car that even if you buy a rough, somewhat abused one for a few hundred quid, you’re still going to have to work pretty damn hard to kill it. The W124 is, before everything else, a tough old beast. 

Toughness is good when it comes to buying a classic car. It can be the foundation on which many years of happy motoring are to be based. But toughness isn’t the be all and end all of classic car ownership. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of flair. In the case of the W124, the saloon and estate models were arguably the backbone of the model range. However, for those of us seeking a bit more ‘cool’ there was this, the W124 CE, or coupe to you and me. Long, with clean-cut lines and a gorgeous pillarless design, the W124 CE is every bit as beautiful today as it was back in the ‘80s when it was launched.

Mercedes-Benz, W124, Mercedes-Benz W124

The car we’ve picked here is from later in the W124’s life, being a 1994 model. In a rare shade of Bornite Metallic with mushroom leather and plenty of burr walnut trim, it’s Mercedes-Benz through and through. The car, the vendor states, has been subject to a full and intensive restoration, which has included a full mechanical overhaul along with a fair load of rust-proofing and of course, a fresh coat of paint. It may have 120k on the clock (nothing at all for the 3.2 straight-six engine), but this is honestly as close as you’re going to get to a brand new W124.

Mercedes-Benz, W124, Mercedes-Benz W124

Further visual tweaks come in the guise of the second generation AMG body kit and matching wheels. Both were factory-fitted options, and as such, they suit this W124 down to the ground. It’s stylish, but still aggressive and purposeful. Like any old Merc should be. And also like any good old Merc, this is a classic car you can use as often as you like. It won’t let you down, it won’t cough and splutter or complain. It will simply bark into life with a pleasing enthusiasm each time you want to go for a drive. Yes, at £12,995 this is definitely at the more expensive end of the W124 scale, but for the condition and the rare specification, it’s well worth it.

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