Jannarelly at Salon Privé – A new car launches


By Chris Pollitt

Salon Privé is an event filled to the rafters with some of the world’s finest cars and some of the motoring world’s deepest pockets, which is why it’s probably a good place to launch a highly bespoke sports car. Happily, the guys behind Jannarelly – Anthony Jannarelly and Frederic Juillot – have just the car.

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This is the Jannarelly Design-1, a car initially designed by Jannarelly himself to be his own, one-off car. Having penned the Lykan Hypersport, he was left wanting, as he explains. “I was often asked if I drove a Lykan and the more I said no, the more I wondered what kind of car I would like to drive on a daily basis. I started sketching some ideas during a flight and then met my now partner, Frederic Juillot, who made boats and composite parts and is also based in Dubai.”

Initially, the idea was for Anthony to build just one car for himself, however, this was just the beginning of the story. Their combined skills in design and composites quickly saw the Design-1 come to fruition and so, settling on a 3.5 Litre naturally-aspirated Nissan V6 engine for the power plant, they began to communicate details about the car via the internet to gauge interest. “Such was the enthusiasm,” said Anthony, “that we decided to go the whole way and launch our own sports car brand and so Jannarelly was born”.

Jannarelly, Jannarelly Design-1, Design-1, Lykan, Lykan Hypersport, Salon Privé

The Jannarelly certainly has all the right sports car credentials on paper. It has that Nissan V6 for starters, and then there’s the fact that it weighs a mere 810kg, though if you specify the car in all-carbon, it tips the scales at a featherweight 760kg. It’s rear-wheel drive, too, just like a proper lightweight sports car should be.

The initial renders and photographs look promising, and we think this could be a wonderfully exclusive but ultimately fun little car. The only elephant in the room is that of price, as nothing has been confirmed yet and we’re willing to bet it’s not going to be cheap. But then, that’s what comes of building a limited-run, bespoke car. The Lykan was one hell of a bit of kit, and that was a project designed by Jannarelly for a third party – this one, with nothing to get in his way, should be even more amazing. Time will tell.

Jannarelly, Jannarelly Design-1, Design-1, Lykan, Lykan Hypersport, Salon Privé

Speaking of the launch, David Bagley, Co-Founder & Sales Director of Salon Privé said “I’m thrilled that Anthony and Thomas Ceccaldi, Director of Jannarelly Paris have selected our event to launch the thrilling Design-1 to the UK market. In spite of our continued growth, we have been able to maintain the ambience and atmosphere that makes Salon Privé such a unique boutique event and it is this environment that I believe is perfect for presenting such a specialised brand as Jannarelly. By and large, the guests who attend the event are knowledgeable, well-heeled enthusiasts and I’m confident that they will welcome this fabulous new sports car brand when it is unveiled on the lawns of Blenheim Palace.”

Jannarelly, Jannarelly Design-1, Design-1, Lykan, Lykan Hypersport, Salon Privé

Fingers crossed that the Design-1 isn’t too eye-wateringly expensive, because other than the price, this has the makings of being a true collector car and future classic. And given the sea of modern ubiquity we have now, that’s what we need.

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