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Driving the Unknown Aston Martin

Having Car & Classic at our disposal is a wonderful thing. It means we can scour the adverts and look for interesting cars on which we can craft what we hope will be interesting and engaging stories. It was during one of our recent searches, when we were looking for something to provide some Aston […]

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Ah ha! Coogan’s Aston DBS Heads to Auction

We might be more used to seeing Steve Coogan behind the wheel of a Rover Sterling, or perhaps a Lexus (it’s Japan’s Mercedes-Benz, don’t you know?) whilst playing the irritating, yet somewhat lovable character of Alan Partridge. An on-screen persona, however, is very different to that of who a person is in real life. In […]

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Five Very Expensive Bargains

In the world of cars and their respective values, nothing falls harder than a luxury model. Once sitting pretty in showrooms and commanding price tags well into six figures, these cars are bought not for their pace or comfort, no, they’re bought for status. So naturally, when a new model comes out, these older cars […]

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DB4 Zagato – Back to the Future…

This handsome machine is not an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato from the 1960s. It is in fact an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato from today, here, 2019. And that’s pretty special. The car is part of Aston Martin’s impressive Continuation programme, which sees the firm bring back cars from the past. So far there has been […]

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Cars fit for Royalty…

The garage down at Buckingham Palace isn’t just for Rolls Royces and armoured Range Rovers. There have been some more interesting cars in there, too…
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The Name’s Bond…

Who doesn't want to be like the suave and sophisticated spy? And who says you have to buy an Aston. He drove lots of other car you know...