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Bentley EXP 100 GT – Rubbish Name, Incredible Concept

Bentley, the master of luxury motoring, has just turned 100. But rather than incoherently shout at a table before falling asleep in front of Bargain Hunt at 2pm on a Tuesday, Bentley has released upon the world a new concept car, and man alive, it is a looker. And look at it you will, for […]

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This is what it’s like to drive Morgan’s AR Plus 4…

Photos by Bruce Holder When you think of a Morgan it’s perfectly acceptable for the mind’s eye to draw up the image of gentle drives in the countryside, gingham blankets and picnics in the sun. And for many older Morgans, that is most definitely the case. However, we really shouldn’t let ourselves think that. Morgan […]

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DB4 Zagato – Back to the Future…

This handsome machine is not an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato from the 1960s. It is in fact an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato from today, here, 2019. And that’s pretty special. The car is part of Aston Martin’s impressive Continuation programme, which sees the firm bring back cars from the past. So far there has been […]

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2016 Morgan ARP4 – Classified of the Week

In terms of age, a 2016 car is no classic. But in terms of craftsmanship and tradition, there are few more classic than a Morgan.
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1959 AC Aceca – Classified of the Week

AC was more than just the Ace and the Cobra. It also made elegant, beautiful coupes, as this Aceca goes to show.
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The Rover P6 – The Time is Now

Classic cars should be, first and foremost, bought for enjoyment. That said, there’s nothing wrong with making that enjoyment pay for itself. With that in mind, we’ve had look at the numbers and come up with this series of cars that should, hopefully, earn you a few quid as well as plenty of smiles per mile. First up? The Rover P6.