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The Austin 7 – Car & Classic Heroes

The classic car world is rich, diverse and full of interesting stories. In the case of many, the story is perpetuated by an owner’s passion for a car. In others, it’s the car itself that provides the story. And that’s what we’re looking for here, the automotive heroes of the past, the cars that did […]

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1931 Bentley 8 Litre – Classified of the Week

The 1930s were a magical time for motoring. With coachbuilding in full swing, manufacturers had to build faith in their name with only their chassis and engine offerings. There was no manufacturer body to fall in love with. We had to bond with the engine. And this is why Bentley did rather well. This Bentley […]

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1937 Jaguar SS 100 – Still Racing

The rigours of racing make for, in most cases, a limited life expectancy. Admittedly, things are a little safer now, but back in, say, 1937 from when this Jaguar SS100 harks, motorsport was more dangerous. Many drivers almost proudly explained that if it all went wrong, they would be thrown from the vehicle. Yes, not […]