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1986 Austin Maestro Camper – Classified of the Week

Campers are very much a global favourite. The idea of strapping a bed and kettle into the back of a van is one that has captivated thousands of us over the years. Explore the great outdoors, go up hill and over dale, live a life of adventure… or park up on a Caravan Club site […]

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Volkswagen Camper – Five Gnatty Alternatives

When the term ‘campervan’ is bandied about it’s pretty much guaranteed that the majority of people will immediately think of the omnipresent VW bus. Whether it be the Split Screen or later Bay Window variant, most folks’ brains go straight to the German tourer. And rightly so you might think, the VW Camper in all […]

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1982 Mercedes-Benz 207D – Project Profile

Owning a classic car is about expression, it’s about having a vehicle through which you can display your personality, a way to obtain and shout about your uniqueness. So by that logic, a classic van would give you even more metal real estate on which to express one’s self. Or at least that’s our logic […]