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Heavy Metal – Must-Have Welding Kit

For some of us, there is nothing better than getting properly involved in a classic car restoration. This of course means we have to take on the metalwork, because nothing likes to rust as much as an old car. Plus, there are huge savings to be made by doing it ourselves, not to mention the […]

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Norfolk Premier Coachworks – Company Profile

Norfolk is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of restoration shops. An accent with a fondness of a hard R? Absolutely. The Broads? But of course. James Blunt? Um, yes actually. Eye-wateringly beautiful classic car restoration, however? Not so much.  Though it should be, because Norfolk, or more specifically, Norwich […]

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Restoration – Do it Right, Do It Once

When it comes to looking after cars I was, and ‘was’ is the important word here, far from perfect. When I was younger, I just wanted my cars to work, and if that meant they were held together with nothing more than spit and optimism, then so be it. I remember once owning a Mini […]

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Custom Restore – A One Man Masterclass

The classic car world is a pretty wonderful place to be. There are the cars, the people and the events. It’s enough to make anyone smile. For us though, there’s never a smile bigger or broader than the one we adopt when we learn of talented young hands making their own space in our world. […]