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The Pilkington Parts Collection

Being a classic car enthusiast is not just about buying an old car and enjoying it, it’s also about keeping that old car going, getting it back on the road or restoring to its former glory. That’s why, for many of us, the thought of passing up on that bargain part at a show or […]

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Have You Ever Heard of – The De Tomaso Pantera?

De Tomaso is one of those companies that tried so very hard to be brilliant. And looking back, it really should have been. It was founded in Modena, Italy, where companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini call home. The cars were works of art that boasted impressive performance and looks. De Tomaso even had major backing […]

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Motorsport at the Palace 2019

The history of Crystal Palace is studded with intriguing activities and endeavours, the common theme being that they tend to meet ignominious ends. A vast cast-iron and plate-glass building, originally constructed in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851, was transplanted to Penge Common in 1854; its colloquial ‘Crystal Palace’ nickname now refers to […]

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Wallingford Vehicle Rally 2019

The sleepy picture postcard Oxfordshire town of Wallingford is everything you’d expect of small town England. It’s a pretty little place in which the residents seem to beam with pride, and rightly so. Oxfordshire is not a bad place to live. It’s not, however, the sort of place you’d expect to find one of the […]

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Car & Classic Visits – Bicester Heritage

The world of classic motoring is rich, diverse and deeply interesting. It is, however, spread far and wide. There is one exception though, and it’s Bicester Heritage. An RAF base that has become a magnificent hub for all things classic.