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1956 Morris Minor – Project Profile

There’s no shame in looking for a classic car that’s simple, that has enviable parts availability and that has a big following. In fact, these can often be the best classics, as they are open to those of us who perhaps aren’t as confident on the spanners as we’d like, or perhaps we don’t have […]

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1964 Morris Minor Twin Cam – Classified of the Week

Something a bit different this week, and with it, something a bit cheeky, too. This is a 1964 Morris Minor, Jim, but not as you know it. To look at, it’s every bit the vision of Issigonis that it was always meant to be. In two-door guise, it’s arguable the best body shape for the […]

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Cult classic, not best seller – The Morris Marina

It’s easy to laugh at the Morris Marina. A car with a reputation that was far bigger than it had any right to be. But was it really that bad? We don’t think so, and looking at the following they’re gaining, we’re not alone.