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Art Attack – Must-Have Painting Kit

A full-on respray is the kind of thing you want to leave to the professionals, given they have booths with dust-free air, ovens that can bake the paint on and huge air compressors to aid with the distribution of paint. For smaller painting jobs, however, there is nothing to stop you from having a go […]

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Restoration – Do it Right, Do It Once

When it comes to looking after cars I was, and ‘was’ is the important word here, far from perfect. When I was younger, I just wanted my cars to work, and if that meant they were held together with nothing more than spit and optimism, then so be it. I remember once owning a Mini […]

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Alvis Cars – Business As Usual

The Alvis brand might be one you associate with cars of years gone by. It might also be a brand you associate with being past tense. But here’s the thing – only one of those statements is true. You see, the Alvis Car Company never went out of business. The company has always been there […]

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1971 Mini Cooper S Recreation – Project Profile

We’re taught at a young age that puzzles are good, and we should relish an opportunity to test our cognitive function to the maximum. Lego, Meccano, Airfix kits, the humble jigsaw. Our young minds are bombarded by the need to solve puzzles of increasing complexity. But then we grow up and there is no more […]

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Custom Restore – A One Man Masterclass

The classic car world is a pretty wonderful place to be. There are the cars, the people and the events. It’s enough to make anyone smile. For us though, there’s never a smile bigger or broader than the one we adopt when we learn of talented young hands making their own space in our world. […]

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Scrappage Scene

Let’s face it, we’ve all wandered around a scrap yard, looking around in wonderment, collecting the odd interesting badge as we go. For many of us, the scrap yard is where our automotive passion began. They’re more than yards of junk, they’re a fascinating place of learning.  Happily, Darren Rungasamy didn’t just wander through scrap […]