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1985 Opel Manta – Classified of the Week

There are a number of things that are maximum ‘80s. You could dance with a pipe wrench like Go West. There’s Gordon the Gopher. You could watch people being pranked by Jeremy Beadle. Or, you could drive an Opel Manta, a car that is so ‘80s it makes shoulder pads and big hair look normal.  […]

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1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Classified of the Week

There’s something about the Escort RS Cosworth that just makes you giggle like a fool. What you have is a humble family hatch, but instead of a clattery CVH under the bonnet, there is an angry, turbocharged 2.0, 16-valve Cosworth engine kicking out 227bhp. And in a small family hatch, that’s a lot. This why […]

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Mitsubishi Evolution VI – 24hrs with Tommi

I’m very lucky in what I do. My work writing about cars has taken me all over the world, I’ve seen and driven all kinds of cars, and I’ve had access to areas of the automotive world that many can only dream of. One such place being the inner workings of the World Rally Championship […]