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RD Classics B.V.
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RD Classics B.V.
Dechant-Spruenken-Strasse 50-54 46446 Emmerich am rhein Germany

Tel: +49 (0)2822 5375722


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1920-1930 were the Golden Years of Packard. During this period Packard has produced the most noble and luxury vehicles. This large Packard 443 is an outstanding example off craftsmanship, technology .....

According to many people the introduction of the Packard 120 was Packard's savior in the '30's during the final years of the Great Depression. This beautiful Packard is a real 30'r years vehicle with .....

This is a very nice Packard from 1947 in a good condition. The Packard has some signs of wear and tear which come with the age. The Chrome and the beautiful paint make this a very classic and elegant .....